Anmian Suites is an adult-only elegant escape in a modern, minimalist, and relaxing environment. The earthly hues blend in with the jade and blue waters, offering exceptional views in a peaceful and comfortable environment. And hence came the name! Anmian, meaning peaceful sleep, is an acupuncture master point located behind the earlobes. It has one purpose, and that is to help towards a restful and peaceful sleep. Everyday life is many times stressful and demanding. A break, a holiday, from the daily schedules, should reflect a harmonious and peaceful environment, a stress-free mind, and an overall fulfilling experience both for the soul and the body. Anmian Suites is all about providing all the right ingredients to accomplish just that. Important: Our property has an adults only policy. As such, minimum children age accepted is 12 years old. Distance from famous Karydi Beach 2,5 km. Distance from supermarket 1,5 km. Swimming pool operates from 09:00-21:00

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Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Handling service; Avion Cluj-Napoca-Salonic D1 Cluj Napoca - Salonic; Taxa aeroport CLJ; Avion Salonic-Cluj-Napoca D1 Salonic - Cluj Napoca; Package discount; Package commission; Rounding

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